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3K likes. 00 Exc. I would like to tune my ecu. Hello friends. 017 Kess V2 EU Master Software update to K-suite 2. 15 With Kess Tokens Renew Button Can reset Tokens for Kess. 017 Ksuite 2. Only search for kess v2 Virtual read Patch download and you will find solution. 036 Master Boxed Kess v2 interacts with its software in a very simple and functional way: it recognizes the firmware protections of the ECU, evaluates engine and battery conditions and, in case of a malfunction of your PC, completes the writing as if nothing happened. 5 lakhs Mar 27, 2019 making some good money out of it (rework clone KESS V2 green PCB ), let's make it free for everyone. 47 is the newest and reliable version working fine with Kess V2 5. 12 software for KESS V2 with V4. . 47 for KESS V2 ECU chip tuning. COM is online shop mainly exporting auto fix tools including OBDII car diagnostic tool,obd2 scan tools,car ecu programmer and Auto Key Programmer,Locksmith and Key Cut As the new generation KESS V2 Master Kit,the New KESS V5. 2. 036 Master Boxed Kess v2 interacts with its software in a very Also alientech will kill a clone if it connects to their servers One of the only things that separates the clone from genuine tool atm forum and will test it as soon as i get my Kess 2. With KESS V2 you programming directly through the OBD port of the vehicle, while with Ktag you need to take apart the ECU and open it, after you can make the read/write operation. Ksuite V2. Start your OWN Tuning Company with this one tool. KESS V2 is a ECU programming tool that is perfect for OBD use, while KTag is perfect for Jtag, BDM and all the Boot application (tricore and ST10). 036 Free Download China clone Alientech KESS V2 Master firmware V4. cmd (Script to generate KeyFile needed) One is a FREE link sourced from mhhauto forum and the other is a Have something about KESS V2 5. How to solve kess v2 k-suite software Checksum Error if you bought a KESS V2 ECU programmer from china, and run kess v2 k-suite software, clone kess v2 can not work. 0. 017 clone, and adds 7400 Vehicles. 47 up and running. By using… You can see pcb,there is no Murata Filters in our kess 5. 47 add exactly 7400 Vehicles. Part 1: Free download Ktag help files Ktag help files incl. It has some distinguish capabilities that other ECU tuning tool did not have, like Verify in the battery voltage in real-time, Complete Recovery function in case How to install V2. 28 master Clone is New kess v2 chip tuning kit update. Newest crack Ksuite 2. 036 vs. KESS (for OBD flash) KESS V2 (Master Version) : 3. com Operating system: Win XP (most used) or Win 7 Language: English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French Free KESS V2 K-Suite 2. 28 free download link and installation guide in thi… The files I used to do my Kess SD Card, where made / shared by Svvag2000 (Give a Big Thanks to him) and you can search online for this tutorial / files (Guide to creation SD card for Kess and Ktag): Kess_5. More exciting is it is free update and download. 036 firmware www. 017 supports online 140+ protocols without tokens limited and provides better quality and Fgtech Galletto v54 vs. digimasterblog. All information provided is for educational purposes. There is no need if all of our kess v2 5. And,some of the engineer want us share more tips about how to use or how to rework the kess 5017 ecu tuning tool. Open the box, today the QC guys will test more than 100 pieces of Kess V2 5. The main question is,how important is the voltahe of my battery when i do reading KESS V2 Red pcb - BMW forum. 3 family 870 (coming soon), if you will ask support they will do activation in your tool. com share Ktag Kess v2 help file & SD Card files free download link. 2. 024 and 3. 017 EU Clone Red PCB is kess v2 european clone online master version. Choose KESSv2 Master to have the complete control of the remapping procedure of the car ECU and KESSv2 Slave solutions to quickly penetrate in the world of Chiptuning, Auto ECU Programmer K tag ECU, Kess V2, Kess V2 Clone, Kess V2 Master, KESS V2 OBD2 manager tuning kit, Kess V2 V4. 4. With coverage of all major brands and protocols including Line, CAN, EDC17 and MED17 and Ford J1850. (never used) only used obd2 cable for my car and my friends car. 04 update bricking? Kess. New V2. 099 Works on T7/T8 and V6/Diesel Not for E39 Everything is included, cables, CD, J-link and so on. Tagged Kess de clone, KESS V2, Kess v2 Kess v2 2. I am using Kessv2 to read, write and do checksums. using cloned kess v2 or ktag, you have no luck on 2014 volvo truck but using the ori ecu programming tool, you can have a try but need luck also. I don't own MPPS though, so maybe they implemented the bypass recently. 017 with Reset Button,kess 5. 标签: Kess V2, kess v2 5. 04 update bricking? Post by Westfarmrc » Fri Mar 21, 2014 9:46 am Ktag clone cannot be used via network connection. 036 ECU tuning kit K-suite master version software has updated to new V2. 017 adds exactly 7400 vehicles. China Kess v2 2. Ksuite V3. 017 Online Green PCB. 28 is now tested OK on KESS V2 Master Clone! You will get KESS V2 K-Suite 2. Kess v2 EU Clone purple pcb 5. 024 truck version, Fgtech Galletto V54, MPPS. 017 Online Version no tokens need, newly add 140+ protocols. KESS 5. 020) KeyFileGenerator. 06 du kess V2 et Ktag, tester avec un katag clone fonctionne nikel, seul truc il mette pas a jour le firmware, du coup c'est pas une vrai version 2. KESS V2 - OBD Software Tuning Tool To create KESSv2 , Alientech team of designers and engineers developed a new tool that interacts with its software in a very simple and functional way: it recognizes the firmware protections of the ECU, evaluates engine and battery conditions and, in case of a malfunction of your PC, completes the writing as The best tool to read and write the ECU of car, bike, truck, tractor and boats. 47 clone to read an ecu of tmax 2007 and when I click on its (DK forum member). Kess v2 good clone used be ok for older ecus only, but now also work great with newer ones. 23 FW V5. com Auto ECU Programmer, Kess V2 How to write BOSCH EDC17C64 with KESS V2 clone; There are too many Kess v2 and K-TAG master ECU tuning clones in China market,which one should you choose? In the following parts, obdii365. 017 v2. 10 my car is in the list (mondeo tdci 130 hp ecu Delphi ) But I have a problem. Autocardiag is a professional online auto Ford IDS VCM2 Ford Diagnostic Software Installation Guide. Hello,i recently bought the kess v2 red pcb clone,from aliexpress. Kess 5. Elektronika. 1 BY OBD FOR SOME POLO 2010 AND MANY NEW VERSIONS 2017 ON SAME PROTOCOLS MUCH CHECKSUMS KESS V2 Firmware 4. 017 firmware EU clone and China clone. 02 to v2. 47 without activation is verified 100% OK on Kess V2 5. 099. KESS v2 is usually a strong ECU tuner with reasonably priced value. 099 With coverage of all major brands and protocols including Line, CAN, EDC17 and MED17 and Ford J1850, Kess V2 is everything you need to work as a successful tuner at a very affordable price. Here is a hot topic in the forum digital-kaos. kess v2 obd2 manager tuning kit KESS V2 clone KESS V2 master BUYOBDII. KESS V2 chip tuning kit (latest 2017v) let's you quickly, easily and safely tune car performance and modify it's systems behavior in 4 easy steps as shown below Lets take a look at the Alientech Kess V2 OBD flash tool. Norint dalyvauti diskusijose, būtina užsiregistruoti ir prisijungti prie forumo. Price: 500sek or give me an offer. Nearly the full range of Alientech tuning tools have now been cloned, some may see the idea of cheap flake Alientech tuning tools as a great way of cutting costs, but cloned tuning tools, fake tuning equipment and knock of replica remapping tools are a رفع فريم وار كيتاج وكايسي كلون, قنبلة عام 2017 مع التاخير بي سبب الظروف وقيد التجربةkess v2. 017 firmware the 2017 version. 6 /2. 33 FW V4. 15 customer reviews. 47 PCB carte de mètre en rouge, et la boîte est plus similaire à l'original. 15 Clone is China kess v2 master tuning kit update version. 23 without USB dongle Hello,thanks for every customer support. Here eobdtool. OBD2Buy. 028 VS. 017 is connected to the local network, and protocols are full activated decoder a plusieurs modes de fonctionnement et traite tous les systèmes connus d'injection d'essence et de diesel, introduits dans la gamme de l'année 1994-2001 sans intervention dans l'ECU (code anti-démarrage diesel également). The KESS V2 Software Patch can be applied to KESS V2 5. Thanks to @pocinas from DK forum. As we all know,buyobdii kess v2 5. 28 Unlimited tokens with renew button can reset tokens. 47 download link. 036, Ktag master V4. 2d 177hp Which tool can read and write Solution: kess v2 5. 017 Master, KESS 4. 28 download software Add more latest protocols and ECUs. 017, kess v2 china clone, kess v2 clone, kess v2 ecu programmer, kess v2 master, kess v2 v5. Fast, safe and able to both tune and clone, this new solution will […] Je voudrais m’acheter un Kess V2 clone pour mon utilisation personnelle Je voudrais vos avis dessus qu’en est il de la fiabilité ? Pas de gros risque en lecture et écriture ? Est ce que c’est stable ? Des possesseurs de ce boîtier non officiel sur le forum ? Trying to use a kess v2 2. So i bought V2. I want to buy the mpvi2 from hp tuners it support plenty of car but i need to tune bmw too so i found the kess and ktag and the original one is so expensive for me as a beginner so as a starter i will buy the clone , and later as i get experience in this industry i hope to get all original tuning kits ,plus hp academy is an awesome platform to start with . 017 clone and Ktag 7. If you got ktag, recommend to do backup of tricore. 017 is the latest ecu programming tools with unlimited tokens. Il peut fonctionner avec internet, aucun besoin de tokens, ajoute plus de 140 protocoles. But, you can have a new Kess V2 5. We have got so many good feedback from the ecu engineers. (Look for a recent thread on a seller who advertises on this forum for more info on this). The Kess v2 master clone device can remain connected to the New unit Fw is 3. NefMoto > Noob Zone > Noob Questions (Moderator: I have a friend with Kess V2 Autocardiag. 47 UNLOCK 7400 VEHICLES and ADD WORKING PROTOCOLS: CATERPILLAR A5E2 P 549 FORD TRUCK FPT ENGINE BOSCH EDC7UC31 KLINE P 548 HUSQVARNA KEIHIN CAN P 554 ALL SIMOS 18 18. KTAG There is a thread in professionalchiptuning. Ktag Kess V2 Master with K suites software for ECU chip tuning, Ktag kess v2 Clone ECU remapping tool support ECU tricore code. 23 KESS V2 OBD Tuning Kit Master Version. 017 with a newer fashionable look and used the Best PCB Board(Red EU Version) as well as LPC2478 NXP Chip + Newer sd card + 3D Sticker to provide a stable ECU Programming. 37 KESS V2 Unlimited Token Version Firmware V4. ukMay the discuss help you to choose a great tool for your car. Jūs esate neprisijungęs lankytojas. Hello. Car, Passat B8 2017 1. Kess V2 K-suite 2. It’s shared on a forum. As such Kess V2 Harware Rework - FREE SOLUTION! , select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. 15 with New Kess K-suite 2. 6Tdi 120 Hp. KESS V2 tuning kit covers all major brands and protocols including Line, CAN, EDC17 and MED17 and Ford J1850. No token limitation 2. Intresting tested Date Added: 30/12/2016. About. If you using chinese, then no Kess v2 slave into master: clone kess v2 floods the market is why there is lots of genuine kess slave for sale, plus most slaves cannot do boot mode . 036 Firmware. 036, ktag 2. com is an online discussion forum for Chiptuning Professionals to share experiences related to the Chiptuning Great New For KESS V2 Users that Kess V2 Virtual Reading Activate Patch was available now. My Phaeton has a K-line EDC17CP04 and Genius and Kess both write it, but it's an older update version without TPROT, with TPROT it won't boot after write, as they don't have RSA bypass done. 017 EU Clone With K-suite 2. X17 official web and write it without problem by OBD or by pinout. Prisijungę galėsite kurti naujas temas, atsakyti į kitų užduotus klausimus, balsuoti forumo apklausose. com Official Blog will share Car auto tuning & Diagnostic Tools & Software News,Deal, Help Guide. i buyed ecm and kess end of july 2015. 036 I am sure this s Kess v2 EU clone kess 5. 020 (decrypted SD Image for KTag 7. 15V KESS V2 unlimited token version with firmware version V4. Some can even be abusive if you have a problem. This tool I would class as the most popular tool on the market today for a few reasons. com provides you three 3 ways to pick up correct one. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. I have a kess clone master and tried reading the car threw port and straight off didnt have good luck. Here presents the Kess V2 5. 1. Tested with all VCM2 SP177 series, Ford VCM2 2-in-1 clone and VXDIAG VCX NANO Kess V2 5. 89, je vous conseille de garder les 2 version sur le bureau. just copy… good luck if you wanna have a try Alientech Kess v2 being the newest tuning tool to hit the market and is taking it by storm overtaking all other brands in its path. Ktag Kess V2 Help Files SD Card Files Free Download. 28 software download link have publish on forum, and eobdtool. 017 KESS V2 OBD Tuning Kit Master Version No Token Limitation . 020 ECU programmer. Plug the 1 Continue Reading → Kess V2 Firmware V5. Chri1911 Location Offline Junior Member Reputation: 35. 33 Full working all clone. Dev Blog Forum. 3. I am not responsible for any direct or indirect damage that may occur to your property as a result of the information provided here. 017 works well. The new K-TAG is 100% J-Tag compatible, but in a completely different way. After reading the thread I realized that many forum members are wondering what the differences between the three tools are and which tool will meet i'm selling alientech ecm titanium and kess v2. 017 write it on CAN Line But you have to do an original because you can’t read it New Ktag clone should do it on bench in Jtag. Wiki. uk Official Blog Oct 7, 2018 hi guys quick question, i recently purchased a EU clone kess v2 and so far it works 100%, the problem is that none of the and Kess v2 FW 4. Both clone and genuine tools works fine. KESS V2 FIRMWARE 5. 017 China clone vs Kess V2 EU clone | OBDexpress. 28 software can work NO ISSUES with Kess V2 master version clone. So, how to tell your Kess v2 is an ECU version or a China version? Kess V2 EU comes with a purple board and Kess V2 China with a green or red board. 070 Kess V2 Error: EXTERNAL EXCEPION EEFFACE or “no protocol found” after format the SD card Here are Kess V2 5. com try to test with China clone. Here is the user experience of lexia3 PP2000 scanner ,about how to upgrade XS evolution Lexia probe On Windows 7. 23 did not list my motorcycle in supported models, V2. This is a page for KESS V2 ECU CHIP tuning tool . Kess 2. First of all I would say that it has probably the widest coverage of vehicles with its strengths in particular to older vehicles and Marques […] Kess V2 2. 47 does. Here you are: I have a probe XS evolution acquired in 2009 clone version Normal (not full chip, see photos attached) that had been delivered with the LEX On forum exist a lot of threads with bricked ecu's because Galletto,Kess or other tool don't unlock ok every time this ecu on bootmode, or ecu was already unlocked by another tuner. Attach kess 5. 017/4. 15 software and Kess 4. Unlimited tokens V2. 1 18. 89. 036 , Kess V2. cables of the kess v2 still in Original plastic. Question before entering: I have a Toyota with d4d engine 2. bonjour a tous Par matrice78 dans le forum Présentation des membres du forum Réponses: 0 Dernier message: 13/04/2013, 00h22. I have Kess Eu Clone v2. 33 version New V2. 47 5,017. Kess V2 5. KESS v2 4. How to write safety PCR 2. Clone Kess if yes they had many problems in edc17, i would recommend to read and write with em. 47 Download Software best choose for Kess V2. I have 2 china clone KESS. OBD2 connection both as new condition, For all those Kess V2 aficionados out there. 33 Free Download and Installation Guide V2. 036 + K-TAG Firmware 6. FLEX release ver. This post offers the sources of K-Suite 2. 036 Here is last version off Kess 2. 37, firmware V3. 47 from ebay, plugged my KTAG into it and NOTING. wish it helps. 036/ V4. found that his aftermarket radio was install wrong and Kess v2 FW 4. I haven’t tried on any real car or ecu for now, but seem to work. 017 Online Version Green PCB in QC test. 1 with Galletto v54 China clone! 1. ask in open forum for a picture of MPPS pinout for BMW ME9. 017 Original and Clone Difference. 13, ktag clone, ktag ecu programmer, ktag k-tag ecu programming tool, ktag master, ktag v6. This should be of interest! The Chinese have just (yesterday) released their long awaited latest 2015 Kess V2 Software 2. net talking about three cheap and efficient ECU remapping tools – KESS V2, KTAG and FGTech Galletto. 5MB VOLVO 1. Ksuite is v2. correct model and set the day to the correct one to use the software and However some will ignore you after they have your money. 47, only KESS does. V5. 37 KESS V2 OBD Tuning Kit Master Version No token limitation Software V2. About Kess V2 V5. 017 will be tested and checked to pass the QC test. 017 with new software KSUITE 2. With ori ktag it is possible to read/write EMS 2. you also can tune there and upload via ktag. lt portalo forumas. Sep 19, 2017 Currently,there are several 5. 036 firmware and k-suite 2. KESS V2 clone newest version is V1. 017 supports network connection when it’s used. Kess V2 V5. uk 147,816 views Live demonstration using KESS to read/write data to car. tax EcuRemapping. but did not work with kess v2 clone. Fgtech program ECU by BDM (in another word, FGTECH has BDM function), but KESS V2 doesn't support, Kess V2 has Anti-mediation lock module, it is better in working with new and encrypted cars than FGTech Galletto 2. 15 firmware 4. Now, I ask for the gurus of dme tuning like pOlar,  Oct 2, 2017 I joined few ECU forums / groups and got lot of information. I wish to I would be discussing here only about genuine tools and not the cheap Chinese clones. 017 2018年11月7日星期三 Dialink J2534 câble 134usd vs 31usd? - obd2diy. we will share some useful software and use Tips about kess v2 . Can I get an id? Can I get the file from the master and write it with OBD? New KESS V2 Clone. Avoid customs duty when importing save on currency costs -buy this tool in SA. 22 & ktag under test https://www NEW K-Suite 2. 2018 Newest Red PCB KESS V5. The contents of this forum are for experimental & educational purposes only. Turns out, KTAG does NOT work with Ksuite V2. Kess v2 2. Clone tuning tools - Just say NO!! Clone tools are one of the biggest dangers to you as a tuner in the industry today. 37 free download and Kess 2 clone test kess kessel run kessler kessler rehabilitation center kessler syndrome kess v2 kessel kesse kessil kessler collection kess v2 car list kessie kessler snowboard Why need i buy Galletto 4, Kess v2 and Ktag all together? Because non of China tool will cover all cars good and if you buy clone tools, buy all (galletto+kess+ktag)from them, that you will cover more cars, or better to buy a good original tool if you will do the work as a pro, all depends want you will do. Big thanks to @ boxsport (DK forum member). Disclaimer: Credit to su_root on bimmer forum. how to solve kess v2 obd2 manager tuning kit checksum error? KESS V2 is obd2tuning new release kess v2 obd2 manager tuning kit. 017) KTag_7. 23 V2. 0 – Denso ECUs (with Renesas processor) are now available by OBD and bench modes! This OBD & bench protocol is an exclusive of Flex, and can be considered an improvement of the bench protocol for Tricore-based BOSCH ECUs. 34 KSUITE FOR SIMOS18 YES OUR CLONE DOES WORK WITH SIMOS18 Bonjour a tous voila version 2. this is not clone soft and hardware, buyed from Massimo contini from alientech italy. 017 KESS V2 Master Version Kess V2 5. 017 from …. 017 is with usb dongle,although … haha sounds like fun, did you also allow for 100% throttle at any rpm? btw i contacted about 10 chinese dealers on aliexpress about the clone kess v2 and asked them if the kess unit works with protocol 506 on a 1090, some said yes, some said i dunno, some said no and one only sent me this: Good news for sharing! K-Suite 2. uk offer all kinds of ECU programmers for you such as Ktag, kess v2, FGTech Galletto and more. 15 with no toke I wanted to read/write ECU data for 2013 zx6r so i ordered KTAG that came with a software V2. Kess v2 Clone K tag ECU tricore usual need help files for the tricore mode. KESS V2 master coverage of all major brands and protocols including Line, CAN, EDC17 and MED17 and Ford J1850. programme plus sûr et plus stable! Car ECU Programmer is Professional OBD2 Tools for ECU chip Tuning. There is always an element of risk when you buy a clone. WE ALSO HAVE 2. 017 software 2. co. 017 (decrypted SD Image for Kess 5. October 20, 2017 Sales ecu-programmer. 28 Kess v2 tuning kit with kess 4. 0 CONTINENTAL SID807 P 489 ALSO TESTED UNLOCK PCR 2. 47 wont even open with KTAG connected Currently,there are several 5. Eobdtool. 017 master clone Marelli iAW 4 MV (golf 4 azd) with kess v2 NefMoto. Source 1: Ksuite_2. 2 NEW GENERATION 4. I have Kess master clone. 47 for Kess 5. Kess V2 Firmware V5. 37 software download. 017 (Blue) - Jaguar F-Type Forum Posts about KESS V2 written by diyobd. com, on-line exporter featuring China Original Universal programmer, for online shop owners wholesale dropship at very low price. both tools are barely used, not even a scratch on the box. Unlimited Tokens Kess v2 2. I can ID the ecu But when I try to read ecu a message appears in ksuite. Enjoy the ADS Forum! KESS V2. 017 i wanna share with all. 036 can read and write ECU via OBD2 port directly, ECU picture and con KESS V2 K-suite V2. 11 Firmware 4. 036,KES 4. 036 ECU Tuning Kit. and with a slave you will have to rely on the master for your […] DIY – DME/ECU Read Write and Tuning 2016MY F82 M using Ktag KTM100 master clone ecu tuning tool. A2: Both KESS V2 and FGTech Galletto 2 work with a number of cars, but they program ECU via different ways. program safer and more stable! Kess v2 with new K-Suite 2. Attachments: kess v2 clone probleme. Dec 10, 2015 Anyone have any luck reading with a KESS V2 clone? Thats probably my next try (I also bought a BDM100, so I will try a BDM read at some . com Red PCB Kess 5. 017 EURO Version with Red PCB vs KESS 5. Kess v2/ Ktag free download: ALL included: Kess v2/ Ktag help files, sd card files, ksuite software crack, etc. 017 pcb rework. What’s the exact difference between kess v2 slave or master? It’s better to buy original or clone are good? It all depends. 47 Win7 8 Free download: No Need Active Newest crack Ksuite 2. The OBD Company. ECU tuning warnings, notice, recommendation, instructions with operation (read/write) steps and ECU wiring diagrams. This steps were tested by 3 PCR ECU's from 3 different years and all was ok. 070 Win | 218 MB OBD tuning tool KESSv2 allows you to read and write the ECUs of cars, bikes, trucks, tractors and boats simply connecting the tool to the dia KESS V2 Master £ 1,350. Most comprehensive advice on what ECU programmers clone are verified working fine and good investment, tools advice including Kess v2 master fw v5. 06, mais quelque voiture s'ajoute a la version 1. After pulling the ecu and confirming the dme as ms45 i did a little digging to see what tools are needed for read and write seems bdm works for desktop reading and kess v2 can read ms45 too. Kess and MPPS can both write it, but you need to bootmode unlock it first. You can limit this by paying with paypal and testing your item as soon as it arrives. If original one contact alientech. 47. 13 KESS V2 Software Installation Notice and Guide Auto ECU Programmer Kess V2 , Kess V2 Car List , Kess V2 Clone , Kess V2 Master , KESS V2 OBD2 manager tuning kit , Kess V2 V4. 15 Before sending the package to users, Kess V2 5. The message is "change of session not possible "I have downloaded sd files from Internet and copied the files into new VIPProgrammer. 017 Announcements: ---> If you are interested in publicity,banners on ADS Forum please contact Admin Milanezu -- Welcome to ADS Forum! This Kess v2 K-suite 2. the advantages of using original kess v2 and converting it is that you have genuine original kess hardware, so the chances of hardware failure is smaller A Guide to BDM programming with KTAG using BDM Frame for ECU Remapping training course UK - Duration: 7:05. Look here: Kess v2 5. Below part will guide you step by step: NO CRACKED SOFTWARE OR CLONE TALK IS ALLOWED! Kess. Alientech Kess V2 Master Hardware - Brand new ready for Protocols of your choice New Renault-COM Bluetooth User Manual& Installation Guide In this blog you can know how to install and use new arrival Renault-COM Bluetooth Diagnostic Interface software. NOT A CLONE . KESS V2, ECU Promotion Kess v2 2. fr Comparing xtool x100 pad2 and obdstar tool, which is the one with better coverage and support. ray-ray (DK Veteran) reply: Story is obdstar and xtool was a joint company for many years. 017 blue without reset KESS V5. NEVER BLOCKED. 017 KESS V2 Master Version available in the marketplace,like KESS 5. Gsunlight. kess v2 clone forum

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